Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pretzel mania

About 610 AD, a monk who was baking bread, just rolled some leftover dough into strips and twisted them into fun shape. He called them pretiola, a Latin word meaning little reward. The monk gave the pretiola to students as a reward who learned their prayers well. Now, 123 years later, known as pretzels, are sold on the streets of many large cities, at shopping centers, and at various places of recreation. It comes in different shapes. In the United States, Pennsylvania has most of the bakeries for pretzel. But the 400 million pounds of pretzels produced in the US each year are sold around the nation and the world. Its one healthy, non messy breakfast people prefer to eat on the go. I had heard about it and thought to taste, it was very much like a salty biscuit in taste and crispiness only healthier. It could be because of my disliking for biscuits that I could not digest that dry feeling in mouth after eating it. But the fact is that Pretzel is neat and dry, easily available and healthy breakfast makes it a famous snack and many Americans love to eat it
with their morning coffee.

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